By JeanSnaps

Latecomers meeting.

Slightly less chilly today or maybe I was more active.  It finally dawned that I was going away for a week on Saturday and hadn't given it a thought.  Put clothes in the washing machine, made breakfast, planned my week, booked a slot at the recycling and began dusting. Got about half way then stopped to make shopping lists and lists of what I need to take with me.  Checked my bank account and stopped dithering about an electric clothes dryer. Bought one which is arriving on Thursday.  Found out how to get the key for the apartment I'm staying in. I'll need to phone the caretaker tomorrow.  Did a little bit of clearing up in the garden and looked for a blip. I planted sunflowers ages ago but they didn't show until recently when two decided to grow but I didn't think they would flower.  However today one unfurled it's petals and although the bees have disappeared from my garden, one lone bumblebee had found it and was tucking in.  The second sunflower seems intent on growing as tall as possible. It's about six foot and no sign of a flower yet.  My fingers are crossed for it.

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