Very odd sort of day, almost back to lockdown times with everything closed and no traffic, but with the park busy with people walking and getting some down time on this extra bank holiday.
I managed to do a few prep things and worked down my list of pre-travelling tasks then did a big pile of ironing whilst watching a bit of the funeral. As always our eyes were caught by the little details like the cleric who dropped his notes that fluttered away from him and we wondered when he’d scampered across the floor to pick them up (interesting on Twitter later to see that we clearly weren’t the only ones distracted by it!).
Nipped over with A to pick up my car then some more prep and faffing around before Arclight came over and we went with E to collect M on the way over to Laura’s where Winsford had already arrived.
As always lots of chat all evening and delicious Japanese food since the book was written by a Japanese author (The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide). It was a short gentle book about a cat visiting a couple’s house then disappearing…..really not much happened. The Japanese food was delicious…realise I know very little about that cuisine other than sushi and miso. One day I’ll go and visit!
Straight forward drive there and back so a lovely evening.

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