By Shutterup

Autumn display

We have a hawthorn hedge that runs down the footpath next to our garden.  Usually I manage to prune the hedge at the wrong time and end up with no flower but for the past couple of years I have got it right.. so this year there is a wonderful display of haws. 

Our difficult neighbour (development next door) has posted a video from his drone which shows an aerial view of about 8 gardens (including his own) and ours on instagram... without mentioning it to us.  As far as I can work out we have no rights in this situation.. does anyone know better?  Is it not a breach of privacy for those in the images?  I believe that if I had been sunbathing naked I might have a case... but.. not otherwise?  It makes my blood boil.  I understand that without a license and permissions he should not be flying a drone over a residential area and should be no less than 150m from the dwellings.. that is not vertical but horizontal.. anyone know if there is anything that can be done? I would much appreciate any helpful input and then I will stop droning on!

Wonderful sunny warm day today and I am thankful to have a new windscreen as the result of a chip that bounced off a lorry last week. A huge crack sliced its way right across my vision and as the MOT is being done tomorrow.. it was essential to get it fixed first. 

Now for an evening drink!

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