Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Glad(iola) it's Friday

Apologies for the cheesy title. I am glad it's Friday, I always look forward to a relaxing Friday night at home, sometimes we get a take away but tonight I decided to cook a healthy meal instead. We plan to watch the new Topgun movie on TV, but after the week Gavin has had I don't think he will last more than 10 minutes before falling asleep!

The day seems to have run away with me which is frustrating as I feel as if I did not achieve much. I did spend much time on choosing and then re-editing images for the camera club competitions, it really takes so much time to do that. And I might have booked myself onto a photography workshop for October next year! I went grocery shopping this morning and did a few chores in the village - I remembered to buy Gavin a birthday card too. 

I have also started making a photobook of my Harris and Lewis trip from earlier this year. I always use Cewe books, and while their photobooks are really good quality, they are expensive and they never have discounts :(  At a camera club meeting recently, one member did a presentation on photobooks and Cewe came out in the top 5 (they came 3rd). Interestingly, Blurb books, who many use, never got a mention in any survey for the best photo books. 

I love gladiolas, this is from a bunch I bought myself. At £3 a bunch they are very good value for money!

Today was Luke's final day at the accounting firm where he has worked for the past 3 years. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant earlier this year and has decided to move on, as is the norm once these young accountants qualify. He starts his new job on Monday.

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