By JeanSnaps

Cyclamen with beastie.

Woke at four o'clock full of aches and pains and couldn't get back to sleep again so came downstairs and lay on the sofa with a mug of tea and my Ipad.  After a while had a shower which improved things and graduated to breakfast.  Did nothing much until I went off to get my flu jab and booster shot in Glenrothes.  I was very early so popped into Aldi's to see if they had baps.  They hadn't but they  had brioche which looked as if it might be the real thing.  Met about half a dozen neighbours at the vaccination centre.  It was obviously the day for our street.  Left to go back to my car and managed to get lost.  Somehow I'd taken an exit to the front of the Town Centre instead of the back.  Eventually got back on track and went to M&S for a little shop then home.  Rather aghast when I saw how far I'd walked on my Fitbit so I haven't moved much for the rest of the day,  Thank goodness for the cyclamen flowering in the garden and an accommodating little beastie.

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