Keith B

By keibr

Driving through autumn

As always it took a while to leave home. Once on the road we found ourselves driving through autumn in all its glory. There were so many colours with some trees still in summer green, others in red or yellow or brown, or some mix of these. As so often with the forest it was hard to photograph. So much of the wonder comes from the never-ending experience. One tree looks impressive, 1000 trees, or 3 hours of driving through autumn forest is awesome!
Writing of awe, there was an article in The Guardian about the importance of awe, suggesting we should seek out awe. Part of blip is also taking care to really see the things around us, and I’m sure this brings me more than my fair share of awe!
Just as it was getting dark we drove up to a large mountain car park, just above the ski resort of Åre. In winter this is a skiing car park but just now it seems an excellent overnighting spot for campers and caravans. Tonight there are 4 of us here. The views are wonderful. Hope to see more of them when it gets light in the morning.

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