By sofiavillanueva

Finally Friday!

Strava Day 499. It was raining earlier but out of habit, still did indoor yoga, mindful breakfast, forest walk and reading.

Featured photo is my father in his shop. He was not able to go cycling because of the rain (he still sometimes goes when it's just drizzling but the level of rain here would probably get him soaked and cold).

Took a photo of a detail in our garden (a part of an old windchime that he made). When I asked him about it, he vaguely remembered how he got it but he said it must be from one of his former bosses' trips to one of the Army's Division. As he had no idea about where General Abadia (his former boss) is now, googled for him. Apparently, General Abadia died last January in his hometown (Taguig).

It's not related to the photo but am always grateful for moments where I get to talk with my father. He dislikes getting photographed when he is gardening or when he is being "Master Chef" as per T. He asks, what are the photos for? I always answer with "for posterity."

Title is in reference to what T said during breakfast. He is happy that he does not have to get up early tomorrow and that it's the last day of school this week. He said he plans to be an English Teacher when he grows up because he finds it "easy." The other day he said he wants to be a Biologist while a couple of months ago he said he wants to be a Chef. We often just say he can be whatever he wants to be but first he needs to focus and finish third grade.

So tempted to make this entry longer but choosing to end here. Hope you're safe and calm whereever you are. Have a good one!

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