By AnneILM60

Witches again

This morning I started my day by going to my friend’s house with Kent where we each took a car and cleaned windows. That done we checked tire pressure and adjusted as needed. Kent checked oil levels, brake fluid and filled up the washer fluid. We then took each car for a short spin as they had been sitting for 2 weeks.

When we got back home, Kent began working on some of his Christmas projects and I was outside ensuring all bird feeders and the squirrel feeder, were stocked.

Then I worked at completing the Witches Brew Fringe Necklace. I enjoyed making it and had enough beads, so began a second one! I’ve gotten 1/2 the fringe done.

The completed Witches Brew Fringe necklace will go in the post to my blip friend Lori (LAS) and the second one is for moi!

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