Northern Star

By Lifferz

Pure joy

After a somewhat busy day it has been a pretty non-stop evening of administrative tasks. I’m glad in a way because I feel like I’ve got a lot achieved and a lot done. I caught up with my brother for the first time in ages which was good.

I bought a few items for my birthday and sadly a couple of things arrived that I’m going to have to return to the sellers. A pair of hand knitted gloves started fraying almost immediately when I unpacked them and a gorgeous jacket which the seller had over estimated size pit to pit by two inches, it actually makes a really big difference to me and I can’t fit into it easily. I hate having to send things back if it’s a small business but sometimes it has to be done. Filling in forms and sending photos to sellers (Etsy) who don’t accept returns takes quite a time!

During the summer holidays when I visited Mr H’s Parents one of their neighbours had asked if they could look after a range of plants whilst they went away on holiday for a few weeks. Thanks to this I managed to finally get my hands on a ‘ZZ plant’. I was delighted to find out it was a succulent which wasn’t obvious when I’ve browsed them several months earlier on various plant sellers websites. I’ve now decided to buy my own now (a birthday gift to myself) from a trusted seller and it arrived absolutely beautifully boxed /wrapped, In pristine condition and about 10 cm higher than advertised. That’s the type of mis-measurement that I’m not going to complain about! It’s such a nice dark green and more luscious than internet pics. It’s going to take me a few weeks to find the right pot for it. I finally understand why people love them.

My preference of pot is raku but I can’t find anything big enough that is affordable so I’ll have to explore other options.

Yesterday I used an app/ Google search to find the lowest fuel price in the area and calculated that I saved £4 by going to Tesco rather than the Co-op, rather surprising, but I think money saving is now a priority.

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