Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Supersize Me?

After a productive morning, drove G to her tutoring lesson this afternoon. This is the student who lives across the road from the airport! G noticed these super large palm leaves as we were driving there. I went back to investigate further and she was right - they are HUGE! Never seen anything like it before - in fact they are so big, I had to take a picture with a "normal" palm tree in and the white van helps give some idea of how large the leaves are. (Yes, I know it's a different species of palm, but it really does look like a scientific experiment gone wrong!!!) See how white the sky is - no colour at all. Total contrast to yesterday.

Things piling up so I started to make a list whilst I was waiting across the road from the airport... some big things on there - note to self... don't try making lists whilst you're listening to your all time favourite songs!!!

Quiet evening watching Ben Hur on TV, oh and there was an electrical fault with the pump, so we ran out of water!! Hmmm... Fortunately, we have a restaurant on the ground floor who worked hard to make sure they could keep running. Works for us too! Glad the day is over - looking forward to tomorrow.

PS. Dare you to go large!

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