A day in the life

By Shelling


Four members of the "walking club", a Facebook-gathering of people who are interested in walking together had decided to do a walk on the first day of "Normal-time", or Winter-time as it's also called, on the Sunday after the clocks had been set back an hour. The group has, at the moment 33 members, everyone in the group was informed but only the four of us had the opportunity, time or interest to spend time together on a walk. 
The choice of day was excellent and the company, as always, good. We drove north for an hour to an island in the archipelago outside Oskarshamn on the mainland. The island is kalled "Lövön" Leaf-island, also a nature reserv. As so often in Sweden in places like this, there are well marked paths, places to grill and in this case, even a suitable place to camp and a conveniently built toilet.
We had gorgeous weather, no wind and fifteen degrees, which is very unusual for two days before November. We'd brought some wood, just in case there wasn't any prepared (which there often is) and some food to grill. I won't even try to describe the scenery, I'm sure you can imagine the autumn colours and smells. Besides, it's the company and conversation topics that comes up that are a large part of the experience.

When I got home I met one of my guitar-students, that I haven't seen since early June. He's got an ordinary work but is also a popular entertainer locally on Öland and summer is one of his main seasons. We often have good lessons and he wrote to me afterwards to say that our meetings has made it possible for him to keep on doing his job as an entertainer and feel that he's still developing his playing skills. 
A brilliant ending to a brilliant day?

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