Capital adventures

By marchmont

Making the News

I had a really good swim today, an hour thrashing up and down the pool. I then caught up on some life admin, and a sneaky bit of work. I didn't stop typing at 11 And I nearly got caught as Y messaged to say she was about to get on the train, heading east.

That meant a quick dash to get properly dressed and out for a bus. Still very warm but also very windy. Princes St Gardens were shut so (as shared by BoydMcAdam) no Armistice Day service. There was a gaggle of journalists outside the Sheriff Court with Stephen Godden doing his piece to camera about the bizarre extradition case. Later I also had to record a message for the BBC (PM) as part of the WW2 'We Were There Campaign', Mum, not me.

Y actually arrived on the even earlier train and we journeyed round Nor' Loft, Howie's and The Prince at the Balmoral drinking champagne and eating. Last time I'll see her this year. She headed back on the train about 8 and I was home and in bed by 9.

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