By Charente

European Robin.....

I saw the Dr this morning at 08h45 re the pain at the top of my hamstring.  He says it is tendonitis, I have exercises to do and anti-inflammatory tabs to take!  I asked him again to please check my heart rate as it has been very high for me since COVID.  The last time I asked him he said it would correct itself, but it has not!  Now he is also worried and sent me off for blood tests, but he failed to tell me that I should not have eaten anything.  When I got to the lab, the first thing they asked me was had I eaten!!!  It was my fruit day, but yes, I had eaten some Fromage blanc to take my morning tablets with!!!  I must return tomorrow – sigh.  I have so much I want to do but I also want answers. 
We already have an appointment at 10am tomorrow with the photographer, I will have to go after that and have a very late breakfast!  I think the remainder of the day I will be in the kitchen.  Biltong to spice and hang ready for drying.  Biscuits to make for afternoon tea and dinner to organise for the evening meal!!!!!!
We watched some snooker this afternoon, excellent game.  Think we must record tomorrow so I can watch in the evening, it should be another great game.
As I said it was my fruit day, so Mr C cooked for himself tonight.
Rain again on and off for most of the day, it looks like it is set in for several days!!!
Thank you for all the wonderful stars and faves for yesterday’s Salamander, all were gratefully received including the comments as well of course

Have a fabulous Friday everyone, the weekend is just around the corner.

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