By Bella888

Gull Lift-Off

Not sure where the day went. Finally got out at 3:30 to drive to the physio. Visit 3, and already knee so much better. Let him down with the exercises as as my back was tender for a few days. But I did one or two of each for him to check my movements were correct.

Expected a DPD delivery between 4:30/5:30pm. We returned just after, to a message they’d been delayed. We were No. 60 of 105 deliveries by 6:30. At 6:45 a message to say the driver got no answer, with a photo of a door with no number on, so they’re returning tomorrow.

Mentioned this to our friend higher up here. Funnily enough he had also waited for a DPD delivery. Turns out he received the same message, from the same driver with the same door, with no number. Yes we had both left instructions to leave the goods outside our front doors in the event we weren’t home..

Deceitful aren’t they! I know ….I know … social media is full of similar stories about these companies. I would prefer them to say they’ve taken on too much business that day and apologise, rather than tell porkies. It’s not acceptable.

Apologies. No photos today. This one is taken yesterday in Southampton. We didn’t go for a walk as it was tipping it down, and the wind was awful - it brightened up nicely after lunch

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