By hazelh

Book group pâté, curry, and éclair feast

Until mid-afternoon I prepared for hosting my monthly book group dinner, and for the arrival of overnight guests Winsford and LauraMuir. To add to the curries, coleslaw, salmon pâté and beetroot terrine (blipped) that I prepared yesterday, I made a chicken liver parfait to add to the options for the first course (mainly for Melissa), and baked some poppy seed and sesame seed and parmesan biscuits as hors d'oeuvre. My extra shows the main course of lamb and quorn curries, pakora, and coleslaw made with home-grown cabbage.

Winsford arrived first, just before 4pm. I taught her Azul (she won), then Mr hazelh joined us for a game of Catan. LauraMuir came through the door just as Mr hazelh won the second game. Over the next 45 minutes or so, the rest of the group arrived as expected - apart from Christine, who forget that we were meeting tonight! (Ridgeback13 sent her apologies because she is out of town this week.)

We enjoyed a jolly time over dinner, with some discussion of the book. My view that that My phantoms is very well written, with a hysterical section that references the Elena Ferrante Neapolitan novels, but is rather sad on the whole. One of my difficulties with the story was that it represented a monther-daughter relationship that I didn't recognise.

While we ate at the kitchen table, Mr hazelh watched the Wales-USA football match in the study. This was his second match of the day.

Exercise today: 5k run.

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