My blip-years

By Silverace

What an adventure

Our eldest one (8y10m), has been dancing (classic ballet and modern) since she turned 6. The dance school she attends also has a competition team (all 16y and over). For the latest team’s dance routine they needed a younger dancer and the eldest one was scouted.

The dance evolved around a group of witches that was hunting for a prey, the eldest one fulfilling the role of prey.

First ever competition and they immediately scored 2nd out of 10 entries. What a blast and boost for her confidence, she loved it despite all the hard work, nerves and responsibility towards the team.

Photo is a screenshot of the video I took, the eldest one is wearing red. Extra showing the team watching other competitors (different category), the eldest one 4th from the left (the smaller one compared to the rest ;-)

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