Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Murky Morning

Yesterday's lovely sunrise gave way to thick murk. Maybe the reverse will happen today. It was certainly a dark and misty morning for early dog walkers, runners and commuters. Had my head torch on for the first time this year. The blip is the railway and road bridges crossing the river.

Good Community Council meeting last night with a packed agenda. Despite the busy evening I slept reasonably. Result. Today I'm working so I will be occupied at the desk for many hours. Not enough physical activity but good for my brain.

This evening I'm going to my Tuesday class yoga teacher's house for a 1:1 session. I haven't met her in person but she has recently moved to this area and is building up her teaching business. I like her class very much but I'm not sure I'm cracking it all the time. I need to do a bit more in person stuff. It's a 75 minute session and I know that by the time I get home I'll be fit for nothing. Please excuse my lack of blip engagement again today.

1st December today and the first of the local advent windows will be lit. My friend F. who started it all off will reveal her creation later. Windows will be decorated and lit every day till 25th and donations are given to the community defibrillators fund. Lifesaving equipment is kept up to date and people get to enjoy lots of twinkly lights for the next 4 weeks.

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