Lala's Journal

By Lala


The Rotary Club sleigh visited our street this evening. I heard it and went out to put some money in the collection bucket. They cheerily wished me merry Christmas and I came in and sobbed. Hadn’t expected that, but it was something we always did together and everyone was so happy! I can’t get my head round how I feel about Christmas at all.

On a cheerier note, I’m now going to copy and paste the email i sent to the Washington school who sent us Flat Stanley. You will need to look at the extras! 

Well I have good news and bad news for you all today!
See Picture 1 – Stanley loved the Victorian Christmas tree in the Education Centre and was really happy when a class of children came along and sang Christmas songs. 
See picture 2 – I thought I’d let Stanley have a go at driving the old Victorian toy train. Doesn’t he look great as a train driver? 
See Picture 3. – Just after I had taken Picture 2 I got a phone call. When I had finished the call and returned to collect Stanley,,,,, both he and the train had gone!!!!!!
I can only assume Stanley decided to travel some more, so if you hear news of a small red train with a Stanley driving around England, he is your Stanley!!

Finally, apologies for the use of initials instead of my colleagues name in last night’s blip (now edited). I didn’t think it through when I wrote it, and a dear friend messaged this morning, thinking I meant my son. I will seriously think hard before using initials again. Sorry R!!!

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