a Scots life

By Annakucat

Frosty Cambo

Well, there was only three of us at the Crail Art Group this morning, Kay, Sheena & myself!  So, we sat for an hour chatting & having a laugh, then went our separate ways.  I’ll see them again tomorrow.
I drove up to Cambo again - & discovered that my card is a year out of date! 
I renewed it again of course. Just amazed no-one had noticed until today as it’s changed colour.  I had a lovely walk round the walled garden, these are the photos.  It was very quiet.  After that I went to the Fairmont & took out a membership, it starts on Monday.  Then over to buy wood, the best wood is out of stock until January!   Aaaagh!  I got the next best I know of, that supplier was commenting on the shortage….oh no… 
Tad’s out gigging tonight, I’ve told him to drive carefully, some of the back roads are very icy.

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