Still Rockin'

By RockArea

O Christmas Tree

Three weeks ago I was in the Isle of Harris, near a little place called Manish. I'd walked up a rise to get the angle I wanted on an abandoned building. As I got to the top of the rise and was standing looking out to the Little Minch and admiring its beauty in the morning light my phone rang. It stopped ringing before I got it out of my pocket but I looked down at the screen and it identified that the caller was my favourite Aunt. Did I ring her back? Well, no because she died over four years ago. I didn't think much more about it assuming that whoever had her phone had pressed a preset by mistake.

I mentioned it to my cousin in an email the other day and he told me he'd cancelled her lines were cancelled when she died. He concluded that she'd called me from heaven which was exactly what I first thought at the time.

It's been a very nice day today. It's been quite nice to have the back door open to let some air in. I went out to Little Haldon in the afternoon thinking there might be a nice sunset. There were lots of fine trees I could have included but with the season in mind I chose to include the little Christmas tree. I've added an extra I saw on the way home.

If you'd like to see the image I took 3 weeks ago at the time of that phone call it's the second extra on this journal entry

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