By MidgeholeDave

The Return

At long last I got around to the task of wrapping presents.  Not something I enjoy - mine are simple efforts held together with Sellotape!  I really do envy the people who use ribbons and bows and crafted labels. However I did start :-)
Coming to the penultimate box, which I knew to be a box within a box I opened it in order to 'wrap' the inner box.
DISASTER - whilst being very well packed, and showing no damage on the outer box - the contents were smashed.  Glass everywhere.
Too late to get a replacement - poor Mrs MD will be one present light on Christmas Day.  The good news is Amazon are dispatching a replacement but it won't be here this year :-(
The moral of this story is not to leave present wrapping until the last minute.... I have learnt.
(This is the Amazon locker at Mytholmroyd Station - its name is 'Carabinero' - and is so very simple to use.  Stick a label on the return, punch in the code number Amazon send to you, a door opens and you pop your return inside.  Wonderfully simple).

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