David J. Rose

By djrose007

Riding Home for Christmas

Top photograph is one that I took recently when picking up my F.M.i.L. from a day care centre she goes to 1.5 days a week.
In the foreground is St Peter's RC Church, which F.M.i.L has attended since they moved to Gloucester in 1969, and Marlane and I were married in 1975. The spire beyond that is St John's Church.
We had a road closure near to a roundabout coming down from where the Walls factory is. It has caused absolute chaos in Gloucester which is why I had the opportunity to take this photograph in stationary traffic. Took over half an hour for a journey that is usually less than 10 minutes. I'm glad to say that the council and water company (it was a burst water main causing a deep flood underneath a railway bridge) completed the work a week earlier than scheduled and the road is now open.
The 'Riding Home for Christmas' refers to the pyjamas my F.D-i-L, bought for me. Naughty of her as we are not supposed to be buying presents for adults but I think, with the biking theme, she couldn't resist it. Thank you Joanne XX
And then there is Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Lennon, who is a BIG Star Wars and Marvel fan. He was so chuffed with his light sabre all I could hear, while preparing the dinner, was the Vrrrrrr, Brrrrr, of the light sabre being manipulated against a dark side Sith enemy. It was so annoying I just had to have a go myself HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Hope everyone had a joyful, peaceful, and enjoyable Christmas.
Very best wishes to everyone, Merry Christmas.

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