By Tryfan46

‘Betwix and between

After the Lord Mayor’s Show of Christmas Day and Boxing Day we have those days that are neither Christmas or New Year.

Today was a day preparing for tomorrow’s long drive to Edinburgh to stay with Susan’s sister for Hogmanay and beyond. We did have a walk this morning into Mote Park which was a frenzy of raucous gulls fighting over scraps and mass of young kids on their new bikes.

After lunch, all hands to the pump. Susan went to see her mum and came back upset as Doreen was in bed, asleep, as she was unable to reach the TV remote or get hold of her paper. Her lack of mobility and unwillingness to ask for help is an increasing worry.

Susan is now packing madly for tomorrow. I was able to do my packing, check the car over, fill up with fuel, make a turkey stock, cook dinner and go for my first run in ages.

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