By schorschi


Mist is the German word for Muck.

A busy day. Yesterday, while Angie was being shown how her car worked, I drove down the road to the large radiologist practice to get an appointment for a referral from my GP. For over a week, their telephone has been playing up, the answerphone switched on, takes you through an appointment questionnaire & says will be phoned back, but nothing! Walked in, showed the referral & told appointment next day at 7:25!

So an early start, Angie had told me to take her car, which I gladly did as we had first big frost - Heated seats, steering wheel, windscreen! Was a dream although I didn't find the knobs or screen or whatever ones needs to turn any of them on. X-Rays done in a few minutes & I was home in time to see Farmer Franz arrive with one of his tractors to collect our horse muck heap. As Franz was alone & won't allow anyone else except his son to drive his tractors, then had to be driven home to collect the other one. Angie's horror of him getting in her car with his farm overalls on! When she got back, she then blasted me as the Navigation system which was automatically on & which I had linked to my mobile to try it out, was blaring out at her in English! I'm in the doghouse!

After the muck, I had to dash to the hairdressers for my appointment. At long last feeling human again.


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