Dancing? Not today!

I have the song in my head, but there will be no dancing in Duthie Park today. Here is the Bandstand, but no band. In fact I never seen the bandstand used for anything, except possibly sheltering from the rain. Granted the climate does not lend itself to open air music performances.

As ever there were many dogs in the park and quite a few small children. Despite the sunshine there was a healthy cool breeze, so I am still wearing a warm jacket. It looks like the renovation of the park, which was paid for by the Lottery Fund, is largely complete. The Council now just has to find the money to maintain the park in the condition in which they find it. I may have some doubts they will manage to do so.

I did consider trying to give the picture a bit of the Kanita Sim treatment. I have instead stuck to the conventional view of the park.

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