By soozaday


It was clear so we went for a gawk along the cliffs, our usual route. Part of the road between this site and yesterday's is still closed because of erosion and danger of more collapse, but this area here by the lighthouse has been deemed safe. Lots of people out for a stroll, and for the thrill of maybe getting splashed by the big breaking waves. Why you would stand there and hope to get wet I can't imagine. I prefer slightly more distance from the action. A couple things about this image: there is a teeny tiny surfer at the left hand edge of the exploding foam, just barely visible as a dark dot on the face of the wave--not many guys out this morning, so he is noteworthy. And then there is that fissure snaking across the ledge...

Last night was a howler--big steady rain and terrible gusty winds that assaulted the awning up on the deck. I know because I couldn't sleep and was sitting there trying to read. I was surprised that everything held.

Reading: Kate Atkinson, Shrines of Gaiety
Elizabeth Strout, Lucy by the Sea

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