Wow - This is quite a feeling. My son (18) has just received his uni acceptance. He's off to the University of Toronto. Victoria College. Hey - that's the same college Karin attended!! :) Cool. Anyway - I cannot begin to describe my excitement, my enthusiasm, my pride. I was very anxious for Joel as his final marks in high school were a little less than the stellar marks one needs to get into many uni programs. But I guess he was okay.

When he told me, it was over lunch. All during lunch I would suddenly get all excited again and ask him more questions or make other observations. He seemed so nonchalant about it all. I am convinced I am a lot more excited than he has been! :)

These lily of the valley are thick along my driveway. It looks gorgeous. Even more so this morning as it has been raining heavily and everything looks so rich and lovely. I had a blast photographing these. One of the flowers had this tiny little slug on it! I had never seen a slug so small. I would be posting it but that particular sequence of images did not turn out quite so well ;)

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