Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Light - with a very small bit of dark

My entry for today's MonoMonday (subject: Light/Dark) hosted by Skeena.  Thanks so much for hosting, Skeena!

I saw this roe deer in the reserve this morning, well over the river, and found her little head poking up amongst the reeds irresistible.. 

I have to tell you, the reserve is incredibly flooded.  Thank goodness for wellie boots.  The water on the path was 15 cms/6 inches deep in places, pouring from the river into the reedbeds.  The Nature Trust is usually very risk-averse so I am surprised they haven't closed the reserve.

However, if they do, I discovered yesterday where a second kingfisher has its beat NOT in the reserve, so even if the gates are locked I am still pretty happy.

Okay, that's me.  Hope your Monday's started the week off well  xx

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