Grey Teal

Scientific name: Anas gracilis
Common name: Grey Teal
Maori name: Tete

The smallest of New Zealand's ducks, Grey Teal has mottled light brown plumage, darker on crown and back but much paler on throat and cheeks, easily identified by their blood red eye.  Found widespread throughout New Zealand especially on lowland wetlands and occasionally on estuaries. A native to New Zealand.

I've been after a decent shot of these ducks for quite some time and a wander at the estuary today gave me this result, not the one I'm after but one I'm more than happy to share. There was a cool light breeze so I didn't linger for too long.

I'm chuffed by all the words left for my little goldfinch yesterday, he did look a bit of a character with those dandelion seeds - thank you so much for the stars, favs and lovely words. Still waiting for my lens to arrive for my specs, have to say specs or your'll be thinking I'm getting a new camera, taking things quietly with my eyes and hoping it's not too long before I'm able to check in on your journals.

In the meantime keep well blippers :)

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