By Amanda_T


A bling abstract!  I much prefer the original colour!

This morning was the Divisional Patient Experience Group meeting with the hospital.  This "behind the scenes" insight really hits home that their strike goes way beyond more pay.  As they have been saying it's to ensure patient safety.

Just had my guitar lesson (new song is Purple Rain), and think I will join the Patreon Draw Portrait Club tonight as a way to practice!

The creative writing boot camp was good last night.  It's over 6 weeks and only 6 participants.  We were shown 4 pictures and asked to chose one and write for five minutes about it, and then share (if we wanted).

I chose a picture of two girls lying in the grass:

Summer Days

Sadly the long summer days were drawing to a close.  The breeze, once refreshing on a hot day now had an Autumnal feel.  We lay in the long grass, looking up at a cloudless blue sky, dreaming and reminiscing of the days gone by.

Our last summer of freedom.  Like the dandelion seeds carrying the halcyon days away.  No longer children, or so they say.  Now you’re old enough to make your own way.  In this world of trouble and strife those summer days are the best of our life.

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