By WharfedaleBex

Carried away

Fog was forecast.  I woke up to none.

But, having decided to go solo this morning, I made the most of a walk up to the stone circle at my pace.  On the way, I met a virtual parent which was fun seeing them in person.  Then there was no-one. Peaceful.  I just kept going.  I used to love this walk when Little Dog was younger and one bit in particular reminded me of when I turned round and she was tearing towards me across the moors like something demented with a fat fencepost stake in her mouth. 

I reached the top reservoir and took the middle path back to the Cow and Calf because I knew it would be quiet.

Finally heading down, I could see the fog that was over Guiseley this morning had drifted in and a little group of people were standing at Crocodile Rock.  Hopefully, I made my final detour to meet up with my brocken spectre (extra).

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