By Jane_Pettigrew


I love to walk through the grounds of St Stephens Cathedral whenever I have to go uptown at lunch. It is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the traffic. I had parcels to pick up from my locker at the GPO today, so I walked back. I noticed every railing was covered with the BELIEVE SURVIVORS ribbons. I don't follow the news as wretchedly as others, but I do know what the ribbons are about, and why they are plastered over the Catholic Cathedral. Today it was not peaceful. Today it was a reminder to everyone what some in the church have done. 

Apparently last week, the ribbons were removed from another church in Sydney. What a petty thing to do. I have some family divided over their opinions of Cardinal Pell. All I know is that my brothers went to St Kevins, and the only reason they were not 'taken under his wing' was the fact that my family were big big big church donors. I have no more energy to expend on the man or the matter. All I do know is that karma comes around.

To any survivor of church abuse, I will paraphrase Dan Andrews. We see you, we believe you, we support you.

As I walked through the grounds today, I said a prayer for those who are no longer with us who suffered at the hands of church clergy, and a prayer for those still living with their trauma. 

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