Life through the lens...

By ValC

Garden centre

The frost has gone and today the temperature reached 9C. Unfortunately dull, dreary, and no sun.

I needed to repot an orchid. Something I haven’t done before. So visited Tong Garden Centre which is only a couple of miles away.
I think the special ‘ compost’ needed along with a new pot was almost as much as buying a new plant. However our plant is special as it was given to us on our Golden Wedding Anniversary almost 6 years ago, and has flowered just about none stop ever since.

I also bought some yellow and white primula plants to place on the kitchen windowsill, and replace the cyclamen which have now died off.
The snowdrops in the garden are just showing some white tips.

So my Blip is the display in the entrance. Thought it looked rather good.
They are busy replacing all the Christmas things with Garden furniture and barbecues.
Roll on Spring/ Summer!

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