By Pinkhairedlady

Another new ‘do

Off to the hairdresser this morning to have my colour refreshed. We agreed to go a little lighter this time and keep the length so bonus, no charge for the thinning out and only a regrowth charge and not a full tint. The mysteries of hairdressing! Just as well really as I needed shampoo and conditioner and they’re not cheap but do last me for months.

Home via Waitrose for some treats and onto the ironing mountain. It never seems worth it to get the ironing board out for just a few items but then it builds up so I have to spend hours on it.
Still at least it’s done now. Caught up on the current series of Happy Valley too so I can watch the finale on Sunday live.

Almost forgot it was TinyTuesday so an EB of one of Mr PHL’s cuff links it is. Looking forward to seeing all the entries for TT401 before I hand off to dbifulco for February when I’ll be hosting MonoMonday. Tags and themes to follow.

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