Blending In

What a day... what a week! Busier than I can remember - my organisation skills pushed to the limit and my To Do list almost untouched by this morning.

But I love it :o)

Far better than having less to do and the day dragging like a sack of old potatoes.

I was hoping to get out at lunchtime but bang on 1pm an urgent thing happened and that was that.

And this evening I went for little drive but nothing. No inspiration. A load of little calves peering over a fence - would have been a great shot but there was nowhere to park nearby!

But as I said the other day (I think it was me but it might have been someone else); "There's always a blip"...

And while I was pottering in the garden hoping for a haphazard hedgehog or something, I spotted this 'Orange Tip Butterfly'. Go large and you'll see her awesome spotted eye :o). I nearly missed her but I bet she saw me!

I had a mini dilemma about cropping this so you can see more of the eye and the furry head, but I spent enough time trying to get the composition right with the flowers, that I thought I'd leave it and you can large it up if you're bothered.

Thanks for the response to yesterday's Pipe Smoking Dude :o) The guy's got style and probably doesn't know it. That's real style!

OK Blipples - I'm off to the fridge for a beer. I might have three! Tomorrow looks like being a write off with thunder and downpours so I intend to sleep in for a long time!

Have a great weekend Blippers :o)

p.s. just spotted that a year ago I got my 300th after camping out on top of a mountain - it chucked it down then too!!!!

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