While on my runs

By waipushrink

Return of the rain

Almost the only part of today which was usual, was usual for this summer only. The rain. It was back and it was heavy. Almost as heavy as the rain river had been. 

Woken at 05:45 by the alarm. Daughter J became chauffeur to get me to North Shore Hospital by 07:30 (got there a little late but no big deal). Spent the morning b eing prepped and then given a pacemaker. The holter Monitor last week had shown too many periods of absent electrical activity and they moved fast to get me in for this procedure. The afternoon was spent being observed to ensure all was well, and then sent home. J collected me as well and then a very slow drive home. At one point it looked like the motorway was turning into a watercourse.

Home feels good.S looking after me, as she does.So well. Have to work out how to do the things they want me to.

After getting back I took another view of the rain hitting the driveway. Only photo taken today

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