By Chrysanthemum

Ladies Posing in 40's Finery

This weekend the village of Haworth (W. Yorkshire, home of the Brontes) held its annual 40's weekend, where not only re-enactment societies but members of the public can dress up, take part and enjoy a trip back to the 40s. The village, bedecked in red, white and blue for the occasion, was incredibly busy, evidencing not only the return of the sunshine, but people's love of nostalgia. There were many wartime uniforms present, including all branches of the British forces, the French Resistance, US servicemen, the SS and many representatives of Dad's Army but perhaps those who had most fun were the ladies who could dress up in as much 40's finery as they could muster. Nylon stockings, fur collars, head scarves, bright red lipsticks and nail polishes - you name it and all were proudly and beautifully on display, and all to the strains all those old familiar songs! There was even jitterbugging in the street as people abandoned their natural reserve and joined in the fun. No doubt a thoroughly enjoyable weekend was had by all who took part.

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