By Pinkhairedlady

Stolen flowers

Well not really! I stole the shot from a display outside the shop in Queen street station. The extra is of our lunch at Six by Nico.

I was in Glasgow with Susan to try the Tokyo menu at the newest restaurant in the Six by Nico family at Byers road. It only opened on Monday and as I’ve been a few times now I was invited to book early before booking opened to the public.

It was lovely but probably not my favourite menu I’ve had, a little too much pork based items on the menu. We had a couple of glasses of wine in a student bar in Ashton lane (Q do you have a wine list. A no we have red, white or rose). The white was very drinkable.

We were a little merry when we got the train home and I think I talked at Mr PHL the whole way home. Poor long suffering husband.

Hence back blipping on Saturday morning. Thanks to BikerBear for hosting FlowerFriday.

Apologies for the delay in posting the MonoMonday results. Thank you to the 79 blippers who took part.
I’m handing over next month to KangaZu who has set very interesting optional themes for us.

Hearts are awarded to:
dreaming - toasting fork -
CowgirlCarol - felting needle -
V1K1 - Mack the knife -
davidc - set of compasses -
loulou164 - thinning shears -

Honourable mentions are awarded to:
GoranZebuhr - knife sharpener -
LesTension - snow leopard -
Romay - serrated blade -
Lucari - lacework -
SeriousFrolic - musical mural -

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