By dunkyc

Paper over the cracks

I’ve felt totally out of sorts today.

Not sure if I’d got out of bed the wrong side or what, but I wasn’t myself and I’d been a bit free with some words recently and was concerned that I’d unintentionally offended a friend.

Fortunately, we exchanged some more words (in a friendly fashion, I might add) and got it all sorted out and have agreed to revert to intentionally offending one another, which is far more in our wheel house! 

I was glad to collect the wee ones from school - I’ve found that I’ve really been finding it tough to let them go back to their mum again each time lately, but again I have no idea why as nothing has changed? Maybe I’m just tired and in a bit of a funk?

The Youngest must have sensed my out-of-sortness and gave me this paper flower she had made, which cheered me up nicely as did a bit of Monday night Rocket League with m’boy whilst The Youngest was at cubs. 

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