By hazelh

Pool equipment

I was hoping to make some new friends when I joined my gym at the start of the year. I was therefore delighted this morning when one of the women in my acquafit class invited me to lunch at her house on Friday. There will be two other guests there too, both of whom I have also met through acquafit.

As I was taking a break between acquafit and my strength training class today, I took this photograph of the swimming pool from the lounge window. I have never used this equipment myself, and I doubt that I ever will. However, on occasion children have entertained me here as they have swung across the hoops.

This afternoon Mr hazelh and I went out for a wee walk down Leith Walk to visit the charity shops (three purchases made) and enjoy tea/coffee à deux in one of the cafés. On our return, I darned the holes in one of Mummy hazelh's jumpers. This means that I have mended three garments in total today - just after breakfast I sewed up loose seams on two jumpers that I knitted for Mr hazelh (this one, and this one).

I cooked a wonderful spicy halloumi, aubergine, tomato and oregano bake for supper. Now that we have eaten it all up, we are going to take our places on the sofas and watch television.

Exercise today: 45 minutes on the exercise bike, acquafit class, strength training class, walking (19,985 steps).

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