80's shame...

Well look what I found?!

Cameron posted his photo from the 80's in our new fabulous Retro 80's Vault page on Facebook (please like/share!) so I thought it was only fair that I raked out some photos from the 80's and shamed myself and that bloody awful jumper that appeared to be glued to my back through most of those years and my crew cut. Even Cameron has longer hair than me! Not any more obviously! And those culottes?? What was I thinking?! Although the DM's with ribbons for laces are still cool. I'm sure there's one of me with dungarees, a Burberry scarf before they were chavvy, red Kickers and a bad perm somewhere but fortunately it didn't jump out at me this morning! Can you believe I used to perm my hair for that perfect spiral curl?! Doh!

So if you have any bad photos of your big hair, rara skirts and DM's... go find them and post them on our page or blip 'em if you're feeling brave enough. We all love old photos now don't we?!

So the radio station are letting me go back tonight... I didn't break anything, I didn't swear and I don't think I was inappropriate! Week two... hurrah! I can't even beging to tell you how much fun it is. I had no idea something so public would make me smile. I suspect it's the journey back to the time when music really was music and when we taped the charts on a Sunday evening... on a cassette!

Come out to play... stay up a little late on a school night and come listen in to the uber cheesy choons of the 80's! You can tune in online or on a real live wireless 107.6FM - 10.00pm till midnight!

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