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Petrol --->Diesel.   
BUT first a grumble.  (Why not?)

I can state with 100% certainty that:-
A) My Camera clock/date is correct, with the exception of the hour, which I can't remember resetting; but that's NOT enough to prompt the software to tell me I have a shot for the 6th Apr.
B) I took BOTH shots this a.m.

However - what ARE we discussing anyway?   
It seems Sainsbury's have had a micro-twitch towards "greenness".  

They tell us:-
1. Remove label & recycle. - I always did.
2. Remove top plastic film ~ ~ ~ .  You have to get at it don'tcher?
3. Remove the product, then pull the second layer from the cardboard base. - I saw that without the need for telling.
4. Dispose of card in your paper and card recycling bin. - which I would do  anyway.

Question 1. - the answer to which I've yet to check.  Was the, apparently "hard", plastic tray not recyclable/ I put that part in the recycling in weeks gone by.
Question 2. - if the answer above is "YES", they've DOUBLED the un-recyclable portion as I did recycle the tray previously and they've added an extra soft layer.
Question 3. - if firms exist to recycle "Farmyard" soft plastic (Bale-wrappers, feed-bags, etc.) and the world is so "greenclined" WHY four Forks ACHE can't they recycle "our" soft plastic?

Bottom line? - Greenpeace©, or similar, says it's about as green as changing from a Petrol to a Diesel Car.

The debate is open to the floor...

;¬ )

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