Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Birthday boy!

The main shows Julian who is 63 today, and has started counting backwards. With his very dishy sister Hilary who joined us for a meal out in the Anchor pub. 2 pints of Adams and a cheeseburger each saw me and Keith happy and full. It was a really nice evening with an open mike which was interesting, and a bit noisy if I'm honest. Good to offer my quiet, often silent Swedish self a bit of a challenge!

We went to church in the morning, and it was a different sort of service to normal with 90% hymn singing. It was so good to sing and the organist made a really good job of playing so many different bits and bobs of music! Shame that there were few people there, perhaps 20, and that we looked like the youngsters... Dela and John were there and we went back to have a drink at their house afterwards. which was very nice. Their son Stephen rolled up with his partner Vickie and daughter Ruby. We haven't seen them for quite a few years and the child of 8 has turned into a teenager...!

It was really rainy today so we have been dodging the drops, and being caught sometimes. The new waterproof is lovely, it feels stylish although to be fair the photos make me look like a big black blob, or an empty space. It's been chillier here, but not as cold as at home where there are lots of photos on Facebook of the deep snow that has been falling today. Glad we didn't change the tyres and take off our winter wheels as we will have a snowy drive home.

I think Julian has had a good birthday, with presents and attention. Tomorrow we'll be doing it all again for Kathryn, but instead of the pub it will be the cinema and another meal out with her friends. It feels good to be here to join the celebrations - for once! The extra shows the pub and the gang.

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