By Adda

Mountain biking: the base camp

I was woken up by rotation of my bed. I realized that I am still in the bus and it is taking a real sharp turn. I pulled the curtains apart and the view through the window took me back to my childhood days. There was a deep gorge and a gushing stream running parallel to the road. Glorious mountains, blue sky, scattered clouds - it did feel like heaven! We were the first to report at the camp [we actually had to wake the organizers up :)]. The base camp itself was in a beautiful location. About a 10-minute walk from the small market of the tiny hill town, the camp was built just next to the river. Today being a free day, after completing the formalities, I and Sri decided to go around and see more of the place. We hitched a hike to Kullu - the nearest town but decided to get down midway as the river, the people, the bridges and the sunshine outside was getting way too beautiful for us to see from inside a car. We took a stroll, clicked a few pictures and then boarded a bus to Kullu. Not much to do in Kullu but I have this thing for local food. Wherever I go, without a brush with local people and food, I feel that my trip is incomplete. So we jumped into a local shady restaurant and tried out Siddu and Thupka. Thupka (noodle soup) is not new for me but Siddu was something I have never tried before. It is steamed rice cake (pretty much like bread) stuffed with various cereals and condiments. Though it was pretty much bland, I liked it. Visit to a local temple and then back to the base camp. Rest of the team had arrived and the count has been finalized. Starting tomorrow, 13 (what a number!) riders are going to ride alongside the rivers and the still life of the mountains - life cant get better!


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