By Ingleman

A Host Of Golden Buttercups

I went to the council recycling centre today to dump the eleven sacks of grass cuttings from yesterday.

It was a short cut. 

On the way home I was surprised to see a sea of yellow that wasn't oil seed rape. 

It was a panorama of buttercups as far as the I could see. 

In the blip is a kissing gate for the public footpath that winds it's way up to the wooded hillside, where there is an iron age hillfort. 

Norton Camp and Norton Camp Wood.

It's a five mile circuit which I will be doing very soon. 

But for now it's a quick blip and back home, my wife has brought her parents over for the day.

She wanted them to see our new home 'before they die' unquote.

When they arrived I could see what she means. They are so frail and unsteady, I felt that they were not a minute too soon.

Quite a sobering sight, and we had to support them both over the doorsteps, so weak are they on their legs. 

They really should be under professional care now. Way too frail and dependant to be left on their own.

However, they both enjoyed their day and were grateful of the chance to get out for a few hours. 

Their day usually involves sitting and staring at the walls, or TV

Neither of which offers any stimulation or benefit. 

Like my poor old mum used to say often... 

'The only advice I can offer you son, is don't grow old' 

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