Arnside and beyond

By gladders


The air was still first thing as we walked up the Knott, and dew was laying heavy on the grass under a bright, cloudless sky. The dandelion seeds and their silky pappus parachutes were waiting for a touch of breeze to take to the air. As mentioned yesterday, this is the year of the midge, and the little biters were settling on my arms and face, so I didn't hang around too long...long enough though to attract the unwelcome attentions of that much worse biter, the tick.

The dandelion clock season is at its height, and I couldn't resist at least one blip before they are all blown away.

Now it's time to take Gus for his walk along the estuary, so there had better not be a good sunset tonight. I shall be back later to catch up.'s the weekend.

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