Late afternoon berries

Funnily enough, I see that this date last year was the day that Immy bought her Ecuadorean 'technicolour dreamcoat' in the market - though of course it was a Saturday. It's still her favourite jacket, but yesterday (Saturday again) she bought herself an Indian wool blanket and proceeded to turn it into a Mexican serape by cutting a hole in the middle for her head and then binding the edges. I should perhaps have blipped that today, but I didn't really think of it in time.

As a very small child, I had a blue serape that my parents had bought for me in Mexico and which I wore as a dressing-gown. My father used to wear one quite often - in fact I have a rather faded photograph of him wearing one on what I presume is either a Scottish or an Irish hillside; just a different version of a plaid, really. Immy's one is extremely warm - I'm tempted to make one myself!

These autumn berries were a last-minute blip in Jonathan and Lynley's garden this afternoon. I think they may be Stinking Iris (Iris foetidissima) but not absolutely sure. I had gone over there to watch the last two episodes of Top of the Lake, which they had kindly recorded for me while I was in Bahrain. I had become completely drawn in by this excellent series made for TV by director Jane Campion and filmed on location in and around Queenstown. It stars Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) and Holly Hunter, who starred in another of Jane Campion's 'dark' New Zealand productions, The Piano. The subject matter is not at all suitable for children so Lynley and Jonathan took their two out for a walk in the autumn sunshine, so that I didn't have to keep pausing it whenever they ran into the room, asking "Why have you stopped it? Press 'Play' so we can watch it!"

It finished about 10 minutes before they arrived home so, short of a blip, I popped out into the garden to see what I could find. When they were back, we sat round the table and went through property 'For Sale' listings again, on behalf of Gran. I wonder where she will be living this time next year?!

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