Reflections of June Green

The day was supposed to get pretty hot pretty fast, so we were up early trying to accomplish our outdoor goals before mid-day. We raked the leaves from around the deck path in the yard (something I've been meaning to do for the past few weeks but somehow never got to), which took about an hour. Then we took a break and my husband made us each a cheeseburger (!!!) for breakfast, topped with sauteed onions, on a toasted onion bagel. Breakfast of champions!

From there, we got on our bikes and headed up the hill for a late-morning bike/hike to our local game land, SGL 176, the Scotia Barrens.

We left our bikes in a secret spot near the entrance to the game land, in a stand of pink lady's slipper orchids, and hiked from there. We found many signs of amphibians, lots of hopping and movement along the edges of the water, and dragonflies and damselflies galore!

Everything was green, green, green, and everywhere we walked, we broke through silken strands of spider webs. Hundreds of them across the trails. Very busy spiders!

The baby greens of early spring have started to change into a slightly darker summer green. As I snapped away with the camera, I thought about how fortunate we are in this country to have plentiful fresh water, and how we take it for granted. On this day, I was thankful for the water. And the reflections. And the green.

The soundtrack: Incredible String Band, The Water Song.

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