A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


I initially wandered up the road to blip the large worrying-looking machine that's going to be eating our roads over the next few days. That didn't prove especially interesting but it was parked outside the small cemetery at the junction.

I realised that I don't think I've ever been into the cemetery despite living here for decades, so I had a look round. This wooden cross, in memory of Aldyth, wife of Charles Hore, dates from 1939.

I quite like the name Aldyth. Not one you hear these days.

I think if I wanted a head'stone' I'd love a wooden one like his - and the design is beautifully simple. Someone obviously went to a lot of trouble to pick a quality piece of timber for it to last this long. My guess would be either oak or cedar.

Stretching the boundary ever so slightly, I'm adding this to the Trumpington High Street series in One Street. (Previously in this series...)

In other news... I've just been eaten by a cat.

Hearing odd noises in the house which was supposed to be empty bar myself I went to see. Quite expected a cat as this has happened before. Having grabbed hold of same and heading for the door it managed to engage its teeth in my arm. I am not impressed.

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