A day at the Zoo

As I mentioned in yesterday's blip, my younger two children came to visit Karin and me for my birthday weekend. We had a great weekend together. My daughter suggested that for Sunday we should visit the Toronto Zoo. It's a pretty cool zoo. And it was a perfect weather day (proven by the fact that probably about half of the 2.5 million people in this city were there!).

Karin took a fabulous picture of Joel, Tessa and me but the manual focus on this camera is tricky and it did not turn out as planned :(. But I like this one of the three of them anyway. ;)

Continuing my film series. I've been using a Nikon F3 with Ilford (FP4 in this case) film and developing it myself, usually the same day. Once the film has dried, I scan it and process as per usual in Lightroom. All very simple. All a lot of fun.

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